10 applis à 10 centimes d’€ : jour 5/10 (samedi 10 & dimanche 11 décembre)

applis disponibles jusqu’à dimanche 11 décembre 15h, heure française.
1. SlideIT Clavier
SlideIT, le meilleur clavier pour Android
SlideIT rien de plus simple pour taper
Clavier SlideIT v4.5 complète
Le clavier innovant pour taper rapidement et aisément. Plus de 3 000 000 de téléchargements, 45 langues et nombreux skins. Une méthode révolutionnaire pour saisir du texte…
Au lieu d’être obligé de taper chaque lettre, il vous suffit de glisser le doigt sur le SlideIT Keyboard, le long des lettres, pour voir apparaître les mots à l’écran comme par magie!
Le clavier SlideIT est l’outil parfait pour saisir du texte, il accélère énormément la frappe, et quasiment sans apprentissage.
La saisie est encore plus efficace avec les fonctions de prédiction et de sélection des mots, compatibles avec plus de 45 langues dont le français.

2. Pano
The award-winning panoramic photography app!
Pano is an award-winning app that lets you take beautiful, seamless panoramic photos straight from your phone, no other software necessary. Pano has gotten rave reviews from hundreds of thousands of users around the world.
… and for a limited time, Pano for Android is ON SALE!
– Deliciously simple interface
– Take 360-degree panoramas with up to *sixteen* photos
– Handy semi-transparent guide helps you line up each shot perfectly
– Advanced alignment, blending, and colour-correction algorithms provide seamless images in just seconds
– Finished panos save directly to your device
– Panos can be resumed if interrupted
Please note: Pano does not yet fully support tablets. Tablet support is coming shortly in an update!
Be sure to check out our Flickr group to see what people around the world are doing with Pano:

3. Age of Zombies
Barry Steakfries, guns, undead and a zombie T-Rex!
From Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja and Monster Dash comes their newest and biggest adventure yet! Lock and load through the history of time as a tough-as-nails commando named Barry Steakfries, who is looking at nothing more than to shoot some zombies and make it back in time for a hearty dinner!

4. Kids Connect the Dots
Millions of kids already connect with this dot-to-dot game.
This app is now optimized for both phones and tablets.
Important Announcement: As you may have heard, Google is celebrating its 10 billionth download by making 10 apps available for 10 cents for 10 days. Kids Connect the Dots is one of the 10 apps chosen to be available for 10 cents on December 10.
Keep your preschoolers occupied while they gain and improve their number and letter recognition skills with Kids Connect the Dots, the acclaimed digital version of the classic game.
Millions of children have already enjoyed the friendly themes, bright illustrations, and encouraging vocal cues of its lite version. While the free version contains 25 puzzles, this paid app features more than a 100 simple connect-the-dot puzzles and promises to keep your little one enthralled.
Choosing the play button immediately begins a connect-the-dot adventure. With a preschool-friendly interface, the app is simple enough for your child to play without any help. The dots may be customized to display upper or lower case alphabet letters, and odd or even numbers. The child can connect the dots by either finger-drag drawing or single tapping from dot-to-dot. As he or she progresses, the next dot lights up. This hint command may be controlled to occur immediately or after the screen has been idle for three seconds.

5. Drop7 by Zynga
Les jeux de puzzle deviennent une véritable drogue numérique.
Tombez sous le charme de Drop7, un jeu de puzzle qui vous surprendra par son apparente facilité et vous divertira des heures durant.
Faites tomber des disques numérotés dans une grille et faites-les disparaître en lançant des réactions en chaîne. En quelques secondes, vous maîtriserez ce jeu unique et affinerez votre stratégie.

6. Season Zen HD
Enjoy every season in a peaceful park surrounded by the blossoming of new life.
Formerly known as Spring Zen, Season Zen includes Spring, Summer, and Autumn / Fall themes – three wallpaper themes for the price of one! Now with many new improvements, including time of day support, auto camera pan, enchanted forest Maple and Autumn themes, butterflies, tons of customization, and more. Winter theme coming soon!
From the creators of the wildly successful Celtic Garden, bring your phone to life with this serene 3D nature wallpaper.
Sunlight filters through swaying trees in a peaceful park, as cherry blossoms float past. A birds nest perched in a branch overlooks a park bench, gently flowing brook, butterflies, and blooming flowers. Choose from hundreds of egg combinations, or hide the nest and egg altogether!
Customize nearly every part of the scene, including the bench, butterfly, flowers, eggs, stream, and more – thousands of possible combinations! You can also hide or show the nest, eggs, butterfly, river, and more.
Works great with phones, tablets, Tegra HD devices, or any device that supports live wallpapers.

7. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
Pilotez dans le monde entier. Sentez la poussée d’adrénaline.
Ressentez l’adrénaline des courses d’arcade comme jamais auparavant, dans le dernier épisode de la série Asphalt.
Découvrez 42 voitures et motos de constructeurs de classe mondiale comme Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati, etc. Rassemblez-les dans votre garage en 3D.

8. Snowfall Live Wallpaper
Snowfall Live Wallpaper: Wintertime on your home screen!
Snowfall is a beautiful live wallpaper featuring gentle snowflakes falling overtop swaying pine trees. Not a movie, with full support for landscape mode and home screen switching on any sized screen!
This full version has tons of settings for colors, Christmas lights, time of day tracking, camera speeds, Santa sightings, snow appearance, and more!
PERMISSIONS: Coarse location is to allow calculation of accurate sunrise/sunset times!
TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

9. Apparatus
Build a complex machine to perform a simple task.
Apparatus is a game about setting up simple mechanical structures to
move one or several marbles to the goal.
« A real life-sapper. Get into Apparatus at your peril – you will lose hours of your life! » – LifeOfAndroid.com (Score: 9.5/10)
Connect cables from batteries to motors, build bridges, set up teeter totters,
swing with ropes, build vehicles, or just let the marble have a happy roller coaster
ride to the goal!
Use the hammer or the wrench to connect planks, wheels and other objects together.
Use the control panel to control your creations, be it a monster truck, a mechanical rifle or anything YOU can imagine!

10. The Sims™ 3
Conçu pour la plupart des smartphones !
VIVEZ CETTE EXPERIENCE LES SIMS PRIMEE ET OPTIMISEE POUR ANDROID™ ! Choisissez l’apparence, les vêtements et les accessoires de votre Sim. Créez-le drôle ou timide. Explorez l’incroyable environnement du monde ouvert en 3D et découvrez le destin de votre Sim ! Satisfaites ses besoins de base tout en débloquant plus de 70 objectifs et souhaits pour aider votre Sim à développer tout son potentiel. Longue vie aux Sims™ !


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